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"Dire e ribadire che Internet è basato sulla “condivisione” può apparire pleonastico, superato,
aria fritta!  Direte voi…ma…?”Ma”,  ancor oggi necessario, ho modo di constatare....eppure:

“In soli 30 minuti di "ascolto passivo" di lettura dei post, qui come per esempio su Twitter (e in soli 140 caratteri!) si acquisisce un numero di informazioni e input tali che nemmeno in 3 mesi di letture intensive di testi si potrebbe conoscere, e immagazzinare "selettivamente".

La fase topica è quella che dalla fase di "ascolto passivo" passa alla "condivisione"...

Social ... or Asocial Networks?

Would you take a friend to a party without introducing him to the other guests?

Would you ever go empty-handed to a pot-luck dinner?

Have you ever peeped at your classmates’ test while covering yours with your hand?

Would you have your wife to wear a burqa for fear that someone steals her from you?

If your answer is YES – even at only one question – keep away from the Social Networks! They’re not for you.

Why? Being in a social network should imply (yes, “should” is necessary) the knowledge and acceptance of the processes that drive people in the world “to do Networking” everyday more: share common interests, discover more of them,  keep people in touch, establish relationships, create combined professional and personal careers, connections. At the bottom of all this, a good element of trust is necessary. It is a system where the “junction points of the network” are the single persons, and those who are connected to them, and so on … However, not everyone sees it this way.

February 2010, a stranger invites me to get in touch with him on LinkedIn.
In the invitation he wrote “Congratulations Monica for your very careful profile and for your experience, I would like to expand my network and get in touch with you. I would be grateful if you could accept my request. Warm regards”.
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